KKW x Kylie créme liquid lipsticks

Kim Kardashian West, a name, a brand, a maven of the beauty and fashion world collaborated with “baby sister” Kylie Jenner and dropped four nude liquid lipsticks.


Kylie Cosmetics x Kim K’s collaboration took social media and PR package receivers across youtube by a storm before it released. A brand new formula, it is very much like the Marc Jacob’s Le Marc liquid lipstick (except more lightweight and streaky). It is not long wearing and is commonly described as a pigmented gloss. I personally don’t think it has a gloss like sticky consistency.

The four shades may seem similar but they’re all very different and pretty shades of nude.


Kimberly, the first shade from the collection is the lightest colour, resembling Kim’s iconic nude dress look. A true nude.

Kiki, serves you a barbie doll pink realness and is my personal favourite.

Kim, A light peachy undertone nude

and Kimmie, the darkest nude in the collection, a peach hue and is the most opaque.

I was quite happy with the price point of these. If only their international delivery time standards met with the rest of the  brand’s unwavering quality, I’d be an extremely happy customer. Keeping in mind that I legit was one of the first people to order these lipsticks when they released about a month ago, I could  have been served these goodies a bit earlier too.

For full swatches, visit my instagram @glambynids_


Nida download

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