Skin Care with Hyaluronic acid – a closer look at Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost line.

The biggest mistake you can make before applying foundation on your lovely face is not hydrating you skin prior. I put Neutrogena’s entire hydro boost skin care collection to the wear test and was extremely happy with my dewy healthy looking skin all day long.

I used a soft matte foundation, setting powder to set the under eyes, blush, highlight, bronzer, and set my makeup with the Tatcha luminous skin mist. Makeup can only take you so far though, it really comes down to your base preparation

Alyssa, from RPR marketing communications, was kind enough to also send me their retinol line of products to try. For now, my skin warranted the instant plumping and soothing effect that hyaluronic acid instantly provides.

The collection takes a holistic approach towards achieving flawless skin. The exfoliating cleanser does not contain plastic microbeads. All products are oil free, making it a perfect skin care option for those with oily skin type.

If it were solely up-to you, would you choose a skin type to be oily or dry? God Save me from combination though, the trouble of using two primers, one for my T- zone and the other for the rest of my face is excruciating painful. I’d rather spend my money on a hydrating moisturizer regardless of my skin type on a particular day, time and place.

Hybrid gel cream
Soft, supple, plump, skin is essential to make foundation look like second skin, even if it’s a matte and you’ve used a powder to set your makeup.


Garnier Fructis drops a natural hair mask collection!

A Vegan hair care formula, without silicones and Parabens. I must say Garnier Fructis delivered. I use this product as a leave-in before and after I style my hair by combing the product into my hair with my fingers


The cream worked great in the shower when i used it instead of my bottled conditioner. It smells absolutely beautiful and comes in 5 delicious fruit extracts. All which can be found here.

Also, it comes in a perfect travel size! Packaging does not look expensive, but it doesn’t need to, its a drugstore product that works better than most high end creams. It has Salicylic acid which soft moisturizes my hair and makes it manageable. I recommend this for anyone who is tired of rough texture.


I filled a questionnaire for Garnier that determined my course of treatment.  Naturally, I got sent the ‘soft,smooth and damage repair’ treat. The Papaya extract. My hair adapted really well to the formula and stays smooth for days. I find myself obsessive compulsively running my fingers through my hair all day which is an improvement in behaviour since I’m one to rip my frayed split ends for sport.