Garnier Fructis drops a natural hair mask collection!

A Vegan hair care formula, without silicones and Parabens. I must say Garnier Fructis delivered. I use this product as a leave-in before and after I style my hair by combing the product into my hair with my fingers


The cream worked great in the shower when i used it instead of my bottled conditioner. It smells absolutely beautiful and comes in 5 delicious fruit extracts. All which can be found here.

Also, it comes in a perfect travel size! Packaging does not look expensive, but it doesn’t need to, its a drugstore product that works better than most high end creams. It has Salicylic acid which soft moisturizes my hair and makes it manageable. I recommend this for anyone who is tired of rough texture.


I filled a questionnaire for Garnier that determined my course of treatment.  Naturally, I got sent the ‘soft,smooth and damage repair’ treat. The Papaya extract. My hair adapted really well to the formula and stays smooth for days. I find myself obsessive compulsively running my fingers through my hair all day which is an improvement in behaviour since I’m one to rip my frayed split ends for sport.